The warmth of a gas fireplace offers a welcoming touch to any room. Whether you need a new fireplace installation, want to maintain your gas fireplace, or require gas fireplace service & repairs, you can depend on the team of experts at Oorlich Heating & Cooling. 


Gas fireplaces are also practical helping to heat the coldest rooms in the home. You can lower or often even turn off your heating system and enjoy the warmth of your fire which can heat not only the room where the fireplace is located but adjacent rooms and even rooms above. Gas fireplaces are an excellent investment increasing the home’s value and making it more appealing should you decide to sell. Oorlich Heating & Cooling offers professional gas fireplace installation in Owen Sound And Surrounding Grey Bruce with certified technicians who use best practices to ensure your gas fireplace is safe and functions perfectly.

Repair & Maintenance

When your gas fireplace is not operating properly it interferes with your enjoyment of a warm fire. However, because it is gas, it can also present a hazard for gas leaks. Therefore it is very important to address any issues as soon as they occur. Some signs your gas fireplace needs repairs include: 

  • The smell of rotten eggs when you shut your fireplace off indicates a dangerous gas leak 
  • A burning smell when your fireplace is on indicates your fireplace needs a professional cleaning 
  • Your pilot light not working indicates you might have an issue with the thermocouple which requires professional repairs 

Our team of certified technicians will assess your fireplace’s operation and determine what is causing issues. We will then safely make repairs so your family can enjoy your gas fireplace the same day.