Whether you need a new heating solution, want to maintain your current boiler or are experiencing issues and require repairs, you can depend on Oorlich Heating & Cooling for all your boiler and radiant heating needs.


A boiler uses steam to produce comfortable heat. Once the heat is produced a small furnace or heating device sends the warmth throughout the space. The main difference between a boiler and furnace/heater is that it also heats your water thus eliminating the need for both a central heating system and hot water heater. This can free up space in smaller homes while also performing more efficiently because the steam is recycled. Oorlich Heating & Cooling not only sells and installs boilers but also specializes in boiler repair. We offer top-of-the-line boilers in a wide range of sizes making it easy to find one to suit your needs.


Radiant heat is produced from a radiant heat source installed in the floor usually hydronic heat i.e. water heated by a boiler. Instead of blowing warm air through ducts to a room, the heat is produced from a single source. As a result, radiant heaters are commonly used to heat space in a specific room such as garages, a guest space or somewhere like an outbuilding or shed. They are unique in that they don’t require any assistance such as airflow.

The heat produced is actually much healthier for those with breathing issues as air flow that can distribute allergens is absent. We specialize in radiant heating installation in the areas, whether it is a hydronic radiant heating system or something more specific like heated floors. The Oorlich Heating & Cooling team are radiant heating experts, contact us for advice and recommendations on how to use radiant heat effectively in your space.

Boiler Radiant Heating

We pride ourselves in offering our customers more than one option to keep their homes comfortable. Although most people are accustomed to traditional furnaces, boiler radiant heating provides the additional comfort of warm air rising from the floors. Not only are your feet kept warm on contact, but the heat is delivered in a more natural way. Instead of contending with forced air that tends to be distributed less evenly, while also often sending contaminants into a room, the heat is consistent and comfortable while also being highly energy efficient. We can discuss your home and how best to utilize radiant heat for winter long comfort and improved energy efficiency.

For more information about boilers and radiant heating, speak to Oorlich Heating & Cooling team today.