Whether you need a new air conditioner installation, want to maintain your current air conditioner or are experiencing issues and require repairs, you can depend on Arseneau Home Comfort. Here’s why you can trust us with all your AC needs.


Keeping your home cool in the humid summers of Ontario can be a challenge. However, the experts at Oorlich Heating & Cooling can help you find the ideal home cooling solution to keep you comfortable even when the humidex is off the charts. We provide high-quality AC installation services you can count on. We will help you choose the perfect model for your needs whether it is single-stage AC or, two-stage AC to provide superior cooling while also managing your energy efficiency. 

When you trust our team for your AC installation, you’ll get a superior system with dry cool air all summer long in hand with dependable cooling for years to come. Our cooling systems offer everything you need for home comfort including even distribution, consistent cool temperatures, and impressive energy efficiency to help you save on your energy bills.


Our AC repair team is ready to provide the central air repairs you need to keep your home at the ideal temperature all summer long. We provide repairs for all makes and models of home air conditioners.

Our team remains on the leading edge of air conditioning advances with the additional experience of managing a wide range of models over the past 19-years. That gives us an edge over the competition because we offer the best of both worlds. You know you can depend on us to provide accurate assessments and the required repairs to get your system up and running quickly – and keep it that way.


Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable all season long while enjoying improved efficiency that saves money on your energy bills. We Have  list of products from different brands/ manufacturers customers can pick.