Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

While a high-efficiency furnace may be more expensive initially, it will save you money in the long run by reducing the amount of power and fuel used.   Your savings will show up immediately in your fuel bill.

No, your Gas Furnace will not work in a power outage. In order for this to work you need to have a backup panel made for a generator that has to be used outside, or a Generac Generator backup system with a transfer switch. This is why is good to have a backup source of heat like a fireplace.

Yes, your Fireplace will work in a Power Outage. Some units that don’t have a standing pilot will need the backup batteries installed after the power failure to ignite your pilot and start the fireplace. You won’t have use of a fan if you have added that option. But the radiant heat will work just fine to heat and keep you warm.

You should be in a habit of checking your Furnace Filter monthly, especially if you have animals. But remember getting your ductwork cleaned every 4-5 years is also important.

Your HVAC equipment should be checked yearly to ensure the safety of the equipment, making sure that if a problem is starting that you can catch it before it’s a major problem and you have no heating or cooling.  Also, your equipment’s manufacturer wants yearly inspections to keep your warranty.  

Check and change your Batteries yearly, I would suggest right at the start of a heating season.  If your heat isn’t working always check your Batteries first.

The heating season can be a dangerous time of year, so make sure you have CO detectors Batteries but also the expiration date. Yes C0 detectors expire and to ensure your safety they should be replaced on or before the expiration date.